Since our inception, AMOA committed to the implementation of technology, procedures, and operating systems to improve the safe operation of air medical services. A priority of the association is to address the historical threat areas and known issues for aviation safety in our industry.

As part of our ongoing commitment to safety, AMOA developed the Air Medical Safety Staircase to inform efforts to advance safety within air medical flight operations.

The Staircase premise is that by refocusing analysis of past incidents and accidents on precursors and system influences, we may be better able to create recommendations and subsequent improvements that will benefit the safety of operations, crews, and patients.

The Safety Committee to prioritize the Staircase as a safety tool. And address the top causes identified in the Staircase model by making recommendations for actionable items as part of the ongoing effort to prevent accidents.

AMOA members are committed to pursuing these actionable items within the capabilities of their individual organizations.

AMOA members remain committed to providing the highest level of safety for transporting patients and the medical crews that care for those patients by implementing and investing in technology, exceeding FAA training requirements, oversight, and safety assurance systems, along with providing cultural and climate attributes for the continued safe and effective operation of air medical services.