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AMOA and representatives of its

members provide input on behalf

of the industry’s FAA 135 operators

to further enhance rule making

and execution of key initiatives

for aviation safety

with FAA and the


  • Pushed to revitalize the HAA/FAA task force concept. 

  • Near 100  percent member participation with the SMS program office

  • FAA voluntary safety program participation and support

  • Serves as key input provider for rule making process specific to the HEMS industry

  • Members participate in numerous ARAC

    • Part 27/29

    • CRFS

  • Meet with NTSB staff and Board members

    • Discussion of safety recommendations

    • Implementation status of recommendations

    • FAA rule making concerns and road blocks

    • Continued engagement of new staff members 

  • Voluntary implementation of NTSB safety recommendations

    • Conduct scenario-based training, including the use of simulators and flight training devices, for helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) pilots, to include inadvertent flight into instrument meteorological conditions and hazards unique to HEMS operations, and conduct this training frequently enough to ensure proficiency.

  • Implement a safety management system program that includes sound risk management practices.

  • Install flight data recording devices and establish a structured flight data monitoring program that incorporates routine reviews of all available sources of information to identify deviations from established norms and procedures.

  • Install and require that pilots use night vision imaging systems for visual flight rules operations at night.

  • Equip helicopters that are used in emergency medical services transportation with autopilots, and train pilots to use the autopilot if a second pilot is not available.

  • Support of GAO/OMB investigations

    • Helicopter shopping

    • Utilization

    • Congressional mandate

  • NVG certification issues with 337/STC approval

  • PIS Instrument approach/departure TERP issues

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